canvas boots


I just came across the most amazing shoes ever (thanks, Courtney!). It's good timing too, since I've finally worn out my favorite Simple boots. I am a little concerned over the quality though, since they are from UO. I'd love to know if anyone has seen these in person or knows of a higher quality but similar shoe. Thanks!


  1. hey there – I own these, and they are fantastical! The style over function rule applies a bit, though. They are a little thin on the bottom (so, I wear them with superfeet inserts). You have to scruff them up on the pavement or else you slide all over, since the bottoms are pretty smooth. The canvas is what you’d expect for heavy canvas. The stitching is solid, and the heel is solid, too. I had reservations ordering these from UO too, but I’m glad I did. They will be perfect for early spring and fall.

  2. I’ve ordered a pair and they should be here in about a week – I’ll let you know what they’re like in person. And how comfy they are! I’m in need for a great kick-around summer shoe and these are perfect.


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