I am heartbroken over Domino folding. I am sad that they were unable to re-think things for this economy. I am sad that I currently do not have a fun, accessible, dynamic magazine to read. I love blogs and I love blogging but nothing beats sitting down with my tea and a stash of glossies. I think the Domino staff was top-notch. I'd love to see a few of their staff pair up with some Blueprint veterans. What's your favorite magazine? Is it still around?


  1. I don’t like clutter and avoid paper versions of ANYTHING, but Domino was one thing I adored seeing in my mailbox every month. I have a three year old collection of the magazine and use it as refernce library all the time when I buy things for my home.
    I. am. crushed.

  2. WHAT!?!?!?!?! I LOVE this magazine. It is the only one I allow myself to have a subsription to because money is so tight. I am sad, sad, sad!!!!

  3. World of Interiors is my favourite and one I sit down and read as well as look at.

    I bought Domino every month. So glad I’ve kept my issues…

  4. Very sad indeed. But also… frustrating.

    A friend of mine lost her job when the magazine she worked at folded last week. I was in visiting her office a few days before, and here was the scene: A gigantic plasma touch screen used for presentations– they said they’d only used it 3 times in 2 years. A Starbucks coffee machine. A brand new iMac dedicated solely to playing music for the office. Tons and tons of ‘free’ tea, coffee, wine. Brand new iMacs and Mac Pros with Cinema displays all around. The fanciest water cooler I’ve ever seen. Office chairs that easily cost $400+ each. A hiring freeze, but no salary freezes. Clearly there were no cutbacks happening. And then a couple days later boom, the magazine is gone and 75 people are jobless.

    I work at a non-profit, where we are forced to rethink things because of the economy. Every little un-necessary cost is being cut so that we can stay afloat.

    I don’t understand why the for-profits aren’t thinking this way– figuring out ways to make it work in this economy. Maybe I’m naive because I’ve never worked for a corporation, but it seems like these companies would want to save where ever possible.

    I’m so sad to see Domino go, but I can’t help but feel that these publishers could have done something in an attempt to save themselves before folding.

  5. I just found out a moment before coming here. I’m devastated. When Blueprint went, I thought, “Well, at least we have Domino.” Now … I feel like a few of my favorite pleasures in life have been taken away from me 🙁

  6. I just found out a moment before coming here. I’m devastated. When Blueprint went, I thought, “Well, at least we have Domino.” Now … I feel like a few of my favorite pleasures in life have been taken away from me 🙁

  7. I’m with you. I find nothing more relaxing than a cup of tea and my favorite mags. Domino was the one a savored and the one I jumped up and down for when I found it in my mailbox. I am really sad. Really.

  8. thanks, nicole. that’s very interesting and sort of makes me sick to my stomach. i worked for a large corporation and we were always re-thinking things for the economy. i though it was sort of a given these days.

  9. i never read domino but did enjoy blueprint (after it was discontinued, a friend shared her old issues). i agree with nicole about cutting back and making sacrifices in order to bring something wonderful to readers rather than just throwing in the towel.
    i will say that my faves are readymade and cooking light. . . .

  10. Nicole, that’s interesting to hear about your friend’s office. I wonder if the same kind of factors were at work here.

    I’m sad to see Domino go as well. My favorite magazine of all time was Suede magazine, followed by Blueprint, followed by Domino. ALL of them are now out of biz. The internet is truly the next frontier, I don’t think print media can compete in the years to come. At least we have frolic!

  11. Hey Shannon,

    You are right. Most other companies are focusing on the Internet. I seems like they could have beefed up their website and blog or come up with something that was more Internet focused. I’d rather have Domino online than not at all.

  12. Domino is such a treasure! I look forward to each month when a new issue was popping up in my mailbox. I am truly SAD and very disappointed.
    Elle decor was mentioned above, but in my humble opinion, it just doesn’t have the same welcoming, soft, friendly, homey feel that Domino has. I’m going to miss you DOMINO!

  13. Chelsea, this blew my mind. Seriously – there was SUCH massive support from both readers, online and off, and though the direction had changed and people were voicing complaints, I really thought it would be one of the solid publications that would make it through the hard times – ESPECIALLY since it was sucking in readers from Blueprint and JANE.

  14. I know it’s already been said above, but I am so sad Domino is closing as well. Blueprint and Domino folks definitely need to get together a create something great! Sigh..if only!

  15. this is the second magazine that i loved to announce it was collapsing in a week (wondertime magazine was my favorite parenting magazine and domino was my favorite for design ideas). i know that it is driven by the economy. but it still saddens me.
    especially as many of the other design and parenting magazines will survive despite their lesser quality.

  16. Ever since I found your blog, you have kept me so current on the things that I like. I even classify things as Frolic or not Frolic according to their appearance! To pay you back … Please send me a postal address and I´ll send you some issues of the magazine I work for (AD Spain) … I think you´ll like it, even if you don´t speak spanish!

  17. It’s such a shame that they’re pulling the website as well – what’s the point of doing that? It’s such a great resource and costs practically nothing to maintain even if they just kept the archives up and someone at conde nast kept an eye on it. I agree, seize the day Domino and Blueprint staff and create something new and amazing online out of the ashes.

  18. I agree, blogging is one thing, but sitting down with a hard copy and flipping through pages brings such excitement. Not to mention tangible mail…nothing beats that. I love Domino, I loved Blueprint and I loved House and Garden. What will go next? I know people are digitizing their design ideas these days, but I still like tangible tear sheets. So sad.

  19. o, that is sad. i was heartbroken when blueprint was canceled. yes, if those two (blueprint and domino) could combine forces that would be great!

    i used to get victoria magazine years ago. when it folded i was crushed. (and i had just gotten rid of my old issues, literally 2 weeks before i got the cancellation notice, b/c i moved around so much.) when it came back it just wasn’t the same at all, plus my tastes have changed a little. luckily i had saved some images that i now have on my office bulletin board.

  20. This is so incredibly sad. And weird because I was just flipping through an issue before I read the news. Their website is still up and asking for subscribers which I think is weird too. My subscription ends in March and I already renewed, what happens there? It’s only $10 but that’s an easy way to have the faithful followers go quickly from sad to angry.

  21. Domino was it for me, it was perfection in every way, I am sad but I still have my gourmet, if it goes, I will really be bummed. Getting Domino was the best part of the month, I even had special tea for it. sad.

  22. I personally was devastated years ago when Martha Stewart Kids was cancelled. It was the only children’s magazine that was of its caliber. I still miss it. When Blueprint magazine went under I thought that it seemed so soon and they didn’t give it time to find its audience!

  23. oh my gosh! this is just devastating! a former nyc lady living overseas paying double just to read it! its my favorite. these means bad news for the top tops at conde. boo hoo. i say double up on the jobs work by day blog at night and keep it alive.

  24. I agree that a Blueprint/Domino crew would be amazing! I am so sad to know that I won’t be pouring over pages of Domino anymore.

    I have always enjoyed Real Simple magazine though their demographics include an older crowd as well- I found years worth of these magazines stashed in my mother-in-laws half bath and realized that we had been reading the exact same advice on cleaning, cooking and shopping. Strangely amazing.

  25. Wow, that’s a shocker. Domino has been such an innovator in the world of accessible interior design – it will be sorely missed, even for those of us in the industry!

  26. I was totally crushed this morning. I literally sat there in shock…I feel like there’s a void in the magazine world (and not to mention my personal style inspiration)! 🙁 It’s really depressing to hear all these magazines folding.

  27. Sad…I get Domino & Bon Appetit in the mail & look forward to the beginning of each month. And then there was one…

    One of my favorites is British Country Living – definitely more shabby chic than Domino & targeting a different audience but they have lots of great sources for interesting things, beautiful gardens & good overall inspiration.

    It’s too bad that they’re shutting down the website too…their Deco file was a favorite of mine, I guess I’ll have to figure out where to put all of the bits of inspiration I saved on that!

  28. No, in fact. The blasted economy has taken: Blueprint, Cottage Living, and now (weep), Domino. I’m all out of magazine love, and it flat. out. stinks. 🙁

  29. Blueprint and Domino were wonderful. Things will change eventually and new things inspiration will come along. I’m currently into Country Living UK as I’m trying to get my head around growing my own veg and raising chickens. Not something I did before being laid off last year.

  30. I am so sad to hear about Domino. I’ve been buying every issue at newsstands for a year, and just ordered a subscription after purchasing the Domino Book of Decorating. It’s the first publication that actually inspired me to do my own uplifting in my home. So fresh and generationally perfect. Art and beauty are always the first to go in an economic downfall, and that’s when we need it most. I trust something amazing will follow from the amazing Domino staffers! P.S. My fave mag ever? Sassy. No questions asked.

  31. domino was my favorite 🙁 now my love affair with magazines is pretty much over.
    the only magazine i really read now is lucky, but i don’t subscribe to it.

  32. Hi there:)

    I was and still am a fan of domino, but still I do have other magazines I do love. But I’m from Portugal and believe some of my favourite mags don’t exist there.

    Habitania: this is a spanish one with a rustic chic vibe.

    whonidee: a german magazine veryu fresh that exists for more than 20 years (I’m 22 and my mother used to bough it before I was born:P)

    Marie Claire Maison: thankfully my french is not that bad and I can do more than just look at the photos

    Livingetc:I’ve started to buy this one recently with no regrets so far

    And a portuguese one which is not at the same level as the others, but good to understand where my country is in this area, “maxima interiores”

    Any of you know some of this mags?

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