new sponsor: twinkle studio


Have you noticed that costume jewelry is everywhere now? There's a gorgeous spread (pg 31) in the latest Domino Magazine about it.  I love the colors! So I was super excited when Sara at Twinkle Studio emailed me about becoming a sponsor. She uses vintage pieces and re-styles them into gorgeous bits of jewelry. The prices are very reasonable too! Check out her Etsy shop. Welcome, Sara!

P.S. Sara is offering an amazing little deal (it involves something free:) to Frolic! readers. Click here for details.


  1. these are wonderful! i’m glad they are inโ€”they should have never gone out!

    i decided to check out your blog, as i finally have some free time. i see your blog listed in blogrolls everywhere, so i figured it was a good one to check out. i figured right.

    i will back to visit soon.

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