holiday flowers


Paperwhites and Anemones (pictured above) are my two favorite flowers to use this time of year. I recently came across a quote which perfectly expresses my sentiments regarding flower arranging.

"For me, flowers should never be pretentious and lord their beauty over everything else around them. I like to pay attention to my flowers, but I don’t care for all the fuss. So I’m not really an arrangements girl … I like my flowers trimmed pretty close to the flower itself. And I like to see them tightly massed in short bowls."

-Kate Spade, Occasions.

Image from Domino Magazine.


  1. Nice call on the anemones…I’ve never considered them for the holidays but they’re so playful & fun that I think they’d fit well into my decorating scheme! I’ve got paperwhites and amaryllis on well on their way to blooming around the time my parents arrive and I think that I’ll try and find some anemones!

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