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I love Portland in the summer. Last week I watched the Oregon Ballet Theater practice in the park. Then, I spent an evening with a friend listening to The Oregon Symphony at Waterfront Park.

Image by L.E. Baskow for the Portland Tribune from


  1. and that is why I wished we lived in a slightly bigger city. Growing up in Dallas, there were events like that every weekend. Birmingham doesn’t quite have it all together yet, but we’re trying. Our ballet company does do an outdoor performance every year and it’s wonderful. Sounds like you had a wonderful relaxing weekend.

  2. Feel the same about missing the big city. Sigh.

    But as a former ballet dancer, I can tell you I thoroughly enjoyed this post! I hopped on that link and we watched a Portland class. Oh, I sure miss those days. Hope to get my youngest daughter involved. She seems to share the same interest I have in it.

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