snippet and ink: party idea #2

Boating Party and Picnic 

When I first
saw this photo of the boating party, I immediately thought how fun it
would be to have a picnic like that. Just lazily floating along, eating
good food, laughing with friends. Of course, this could go any number
of ways, with lunch on the grass and then boating afterwards, or lunch
in the boats and then playing on the grass. Or just an entire afternoon
in a rowboat. That sounds best to me.

Click here for party plan and details.

Top row from left: photo from New York Magazine, bottle wrap from Martha Stewart, picnic utensils originally seen here

Row 2: oilcloth lunch bag from Martha Stewart, gingham stickers from The Tinies, sandwiches from Domino

Row 3: photo from Country Living, picnic food from Martha Stewart Weddings via Lucky Me!, flowers from Saipua, sodas from Real Simple

Row 4: guitar photo from La Fleur, miniature pies and lined envelope both from Martha Stewart, photo from Jupiter Images

 By Kathryn Storke of Snippet & Ink


  1. oh what a lovely idea. i think i need a rowboat now. also just want to say thank you for educating me on the flower names that i bought the other day! very sweet. and i am still enjoying them – they are beautiful still! px

  2. I love so many of Kathryn’s boards but this just may be my favorite. It has me craving a lazy weekend spent at the lake surrounded by family and friends! I love it!!

  3. No, no, no…this is all wrong! This looks much too stylish, Summery and relaxing…and who really wants that, huh?

    Um…me 😉

    (All that gingham makes me giddy ~ tee hee!)

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