kronan bicycles


Are you wondering when I am ever going to stop posting about cute little cruiser bicycles and get a life? Well, I can’t give you a date on that quite yet because I just found Kronan– Swedish Army Bicycles.

Found via the lovely Kirtsy.


  1. I love how inside the tire rim is painted to match, it’s really obvious on the red one. So cute!

  2. Oh I’ve never heard about this company! It’s fantastic — I can’t wait to see when their bike lock goes on sale.

    Keep on posting about these cute bike companies – we love em!

  3. I second Courtney. I love these bike companies! Too bad I had to use my economic stimulus check for not-so-fun things or else I would finally get myself one of these cute bikes.

  4. I love this. I’ve got an Electra cruiser myself and cannot get enough of retro-looking bikes.

    You are an honorary member of the Kirtsy bike gang. 🙂

  5. Wow I am right there with you! Before this post I was all about the Azor Oma, and a sweet Jorg and Olif number….actually, I am still all about those, I just have one more sweet cycle to my list thanks to you!

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