1. What?! I’ve not heard of this! But Nothing can compare to the Merchant and Ivory version. Every character was so well cast and the sountrack was glorious. One of my favourite films. Ever.

  2. I feel exactly the same way. My mom wanted to watch “something on PBS” but couldn’t remember the name. Once I realized what it was, I kept saying, “the REAL one is so much better.” Basically being a brat about it but it’s true. Who is better at dramatic and confused in love than Helena Bonham Carter. Who is more swoon-worthy than Julian Sands. And I never realized how much I liked the character, but the original Mr. Beebe is so good.

  3. You introduced me to the whole Masterpiece series Sunday nights back with the Jane Austen series. Thanks, we really enjoy watching them. I agree, the other Room with a View is superior. How did you like Sense and Sensibility the last few weeks?

  4. Why on earth did they even attempt it? The original film is perfect as it is, and it truly hurt to see it remade with bad casting, tin-ear dialogue and that ghastly, maudlin epilogue. Yikes.

  5. i’m also a huge fan of the original film 🙂 i feel like lately masterpiece theater has added extraneous explanatory dialogue (“i love you!” “This would never work!”) that takes out the subtlety of what is happening. the tension in forster and austen lies in what is not said, so with these added dramatic lines, the sense of drama and romance slips away. sigh.

  6. Not my favorite, but then, like almost everyone else apparently, the original is one of my favorite movies. Why can’t masterpiece do 2 hour movies? It just doesn’t make sense that they only do 90 minutes, especially when the first 5-10 minutes is Gillian Anderson speaking and then the credits.

  7. I started to like Lucy and George once they got back to England. Especially, the scene where George is telling Lucy to ditch the loser and marry him, but the plot deviations totally killed it for me. Boo.

  8. I finally watched it from tivo yesterday, and I agree, it wasn’t as good as the original -however, i did enjoy that they made it a bit different ( with the expanded ending and having it all as a flashback ) -at least it wasn’t a TOTAL remake!

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