old flower photo shoot


I am not usually a fan of posting my face on here. But, yesterday I found this picture on photographer, Jon Jensen’s website. He photographed a shoot at my tiny flower studio about three years ago (my memory is so bad, I can’t even remember what year it was) for Better Homes and Gardens. The story was never published and I’ve never been able to use any of the photos due to copyright issues. Since this one has now already been published on the Internet I am posting it here. It was really fun to have my little studio photographed- especially since I was always so busy they are the only photos I have now.


  1. my shop / studio is super small too {it’s an old barber shop from the 40’s} my cooler takes up a lot of space!. BUT it’s so much easier to fill up with plants + flowers.

  2. Good picture! Don’t worry, I never remember years either (: I’m always like “It was about five years ago, what ever that is…”. This gets me wanting to work with flowers…plant something…make a nice bouquet.

  3. I think I lost four years because I always think things that happened 10 years ago happened about 6!

    This is a lovely picture and I’m glad to have a face to put to your fabulous blog!

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