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I’ve been buying sheets of vintage stamps on eBay for our wedding stationery and for clients, and I thought I’d share a few things about finding them and some ideas for your own correspondence. This search for sheets of vintage US stamps is probably the best place to start. From there, add a keyword or two but leave out the word “stamp”, since you’re already there. Once you’ve done a bit of searching you’ll start to find dealers with prices, shipping, and so forth that appeal to you. From there the fun begins.

For instance, Z is a scientist, so I’ve bought the sciences stamps above. I’m from New York and he’s from Maine so I have both statehood stamps. I’ve also purchased birds, trees, flowers, forest preservation, and the camp fire girls stamp since we’ll have a bonfire Friday night. Why not make it personal I say. And there’s a stamp for everything! Not all attractive, but most are.

But. And this is important. You are going to want to find at least one stamp that is 15 cents or more, because there is little chance of fitting ten 4 cent stamps on an envelope.

And once you’ve found stamps you like make a note of the Scott number and search that way, since some dealers won’t even include descriptors in the listing titles. The Love stamp that is so pretty is Scott # 1951.


  1. for standard 4-piece invites, with a 5×7 invite, how much do you think it would cost for postage? (yes, i know i’ll need to go to the post office!)

  2. I’m glad you like them!
    Julie — so long as you don’t have any other bells and whistles in the envelope, and your reply card and envelope are on the small side, you should come in just under the 1 ounce rate. Just barely. So you’ll want to have them weighed!

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