Tagged Again


For all those who’ve recently tagged me.

1. Whenever I watch television, I have to mute the commercials.
2. I just cut bangs and I am having a love/hate relationship with them.
3. I like self-help books. My favorite is this one about soul-mates.
4. One of my dreams is to move to the South of France and work on a lavender farm.
5. I want to eat more leafy greens, but big fat fries at a pub on a Friday night always taste so good to me.
6. Part of me does not like this tagging thing, but I also hate saying no to people.
7. The Narcissistic part of me really likes these tagging things.
8. Recently, I’ve started to worry about how much I use the word I.

I will tag Lizzy, Ansley, Liz, Classic Bride, and Alyson. No pressure.


  1. I hear you about using “I,” all of the time.

    Your blog has been even more amazing since the holiday break! Thank you for all of the beautiful posts.


  2. omg, i literally match every single one of yours! crazy. well, except for the lavender farm, but that’s a great idea, and my fave self-help book is You Just Don’t Understand by deborah tannen.


  3. Hurrah! You did it. I think if you’re a blogger there isn’t an easy way of getting around the word “I.” And I’m ok with that. Embrace the bangs! And the fries. 🙂 I love ’em too.

  4. it’s ok to have fries on friday if you’re eating greens most of the time, or so i tell myself as i butter up another slice of bread….

  5. I just cut bangs too! Still getting used to them, most of the time I like them but then again it’s only been 2 days. I’m sure yours are great, you’re adorable!

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