1. Just ordered it from Crate and Barrel today. I already have too many wedding books and am getting married in 6 months. But at $12.95, I couldn’t resist.

  2. I went and bought it today. It’s really pretty, and the real weddings are a nice feature, but I was hoping for more inspiration photos, a la Martha. Don’t get me wrong – it’s gorgeous and all, but probably more geared to someone who’s actually getting married, and not the voyeur (like me).

  3. No, but I bet it’s amazing. Too bad I’m not planning on getting married any time soon! Real Simple has a lovely cleaning guide book that I got as a bridal shower gift, and it’s pretty neat.

  4. The book really is more like a magazine than an actual book. The Crate and Barrel ads are lovely, and the photography is great. However, the photos could be a bit larger for those trying to get good inspiration; and if you are really trying to plan a wedding with it, you’ll notice odd amounts of space dedicated to facets of the wedding. Each section (choosing a site, the dress, the flowers, etc) all get the same amount of space in the book. But, for $12.95 it isn’t a bad deal – and much better than many magazines out there.

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