{swedish christmas}


I ripped this picture out of a Homes and Gardens
I bought in London five years ago and it’s been floating around in my
inspiration piles ever since. I love how simple this kitchen is. I love
the modern lights, I love the linens, I love the white, and I love how
simple and earthy the Christmas decorations are with baskets of oranges
and greens here and there. I wish I had the rest of the article. I
remember it all being very Swedish. That’s the style I love for
Christmas..not too much glitz and glamour. (On a side note, I could
probably do without that chair..maybe I would use something a bit more
modern. )


  1. I love that scandinavian christmas decorations are all so natural. It just seems so refreshing. Some of my favorite decorations as a child were from my aunt and uncle in Norway.

  2. I know what you mean about simple Christmas decorations. After years of multi-colored everything for the holidays I’ve decided to do a mostly gold theme. Lots of gold ornaments and glittery paper snowflakes. I’m excited!

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