{the christina olsen house}

These are pictures from the house Andrew Wyeth was inspired by to paint Christina’s World. I really liked a lot of other paintings he did of this house that don’t get the same attention,  but I can’t seem to find them online to show you. The light in this house by the sea is unbelievable. I love how they’ve preserved it but left it rugged and open without any furniture.




  1. Have you read “Andrew Wyeth: A Secret Life” ? It’s a great and interesting biography from in-depth interviews with Andrew and family. Andrew discusses the family in this house and his visits with Christina. It’s such an interesting read…and sheds so much light on a lot of his work.

  2. we rented a house right beside there two years ago. the house was total crap. but it was awesome to see the olsen house at night.

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