{swell season}

Yippee! I just bought my ticket for The Swell Season, the tour of Market Irglova and Glen Hansard, stars of the film Once.



  1. Well, they are together in real life if that makes you feel better:) Thuogh, there is a very wide age difference I believe. I think she is 19 and he is pushing 40 maybe…

  2. Yippee — me, too! Although I’m seeing them here in LA. I missed their earlier concert here in the summer (I hadn’t seen the movie until August but I’m hooked now!)
    I enjoy your blog–I like discovering beautiful ingenious sites, mags, etc.

  3. I’m so jealous. They’re in Boston on 11/21, the night before Thanksgiving, & I’ll be out of town :(.

    Loved loved Once–saw it back in June and forced everyone I know to go.

  4. I apologize for being a bit behind – but my husband gave me tickets to see the Swell Season in NYC in Nov! I cannot wait!! I listen to the Once soundtrack on repeat.

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