I have been "tagged" by three people {brooklyn bride, 10,000, and housemartin} to name 8 facts about myself. Here you go…

*My cubicle neighbor sources chocolate all over the world. I really enjoy the benefits that come with that.

*I am no photographer, but I love the thrill of a freshly developed roll of film.

*When I was 23, I quit my first "real job" and started  my own business.

*I have 6 months left in my twenties.

*I think often about quitting this blogging thing.

*I am a total flower freak. Even after working with them for so long, I still get giddy when I walk through Pike Place Market, or any market for that matter that displays masses of cut flowers wrapped in newspaper.

*I love to get lost on purpose.

*Picky eating is a deal breaker for me.


  1. I came upon your blog from Black Eiffel and I like it very much. Very nice pictures. I’m commenting because I will also be thirty in six months. Our birthdays must be close together. Mine’s January 24. Have a lovely day.

  2. First, I love your blog! I keep coming back to check it out and I always love your posts, second, I totally hear you on the flowers, I love them so much, my boyfriend knows he just has to give me absurdly beautiful flowers to make me smile.

  3. chelsea…thanks for sharing about yourself…it’s always fun to learn the inside scoop on fellow bloggers. especially the ones with such amazing sites.

    so is the picky eating thing a deal breaker in a good way or bad way??

    and…major kudos on the whole leaving your first real job thing. i’m on my 4th real job and i still wish i could be so brave!!

  4. Chelsea, I’m “Tagging” you, even though you’ve already posted. I wanted you to know that I really enjoy your blog, and hope that you keep it up …. (even though hearing that you’re still in your 20s made me feel very old)


    TAG, you’re it…

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