{guest blogger ansley: hey y’all}

Thanks for the glowing introduction, Chelsea.

The biggest event in my life right now is that I’m planning to leave Salt Lake City and be a travel nurse. Basically I get to pick cities I want to audition as my next place to live and try them for 3 months while getting paid, they even pay for housing. Pretty great deal. Picking the cities has made me think about the places I have lived and what I liked about each of them. I have realized that I really like living near water, living in the middle of a desert will do that to you. Other things I like include:
Having public transportation
Being in a walkable city
Friendly people
Not too much cold or snow
A European feel
Cities that aren’t too big but have more arts and culture than they should for their size.

So far, I have picked Boston, Austin TX, and a trip back to Charleston to be closer to family. I’m also thinking about Nashville, Memphis, or Louisville.

Any suggestions?


  1. Just a little nugget of info to add to your Boston list: Alaska Airlines is (or will be in a month) offering non-stop flights between the PDX and Boston.

    Oh, I also like Elizabeth’s addition of Savannah.

  2. I do keep thinking I should go back to Portland but I think I have to try a few new places first.

    And San Francisco, of course, delightful! I have loved every visit and would love to live there, especially if someone else is paying my rent. Great idea!

  3. And I just remembered Savannah is home of the Girl Scouts. I wonder if they have cookies year round there?

  4. Since they’re paying your rent, I’d choose NYC. All the excitement without draining your bank account! Spending your whole Saturday in the Met! Oh, that sounds nice. How long does nursing school take? Maybe I should sign up.

    I hope you’ll add SLC to the end of the list. I’m sad you’re leaving just as I’m getting to know you.

  5. Hello, Ansley! I’m your cousin. I live in Fountain Hills, AZ. It’s been interesting to read your blog. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful life!

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