{guest blogger elisabeth: thinking small}

I have always preferred small things, they just feel more cozy and intimate. For invitations in particular, unless there is loads of text to include, I think the convention that they be quite big is off the mark. And so I’m happy to say that three brides in the last two weeks have opted for smaller invitations that measure 4.5 x 6.25, with a reply card that is about as small as the post office will allow. They are ultimately less expensive, nicer to the environment, and often cheaper to mail. I love how they look, and these in particular are to my mind close to perfect. The liner is a flocked paper from Paper Mojo.


Thank you to Lexy and Neal for letting me include their invites!


  1. Ansley,
    The paper is very pretty but the envelopes were a bit tricky to line, because the flocking is almost sticky? Not like wet sticky but I was worried that unless I pasted them in from the bottom the liner would pop out when the card was pulled out the envelope. Normally I just paste the paper to the flap.

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