Yay! Tonight is Feist. I’m a little addicted. This will be my 3rd time, but may be my last. I try to limit my concert attendance to more intimate venues and she seems to be getting more popular by the day, so it might be the last time for her to appear this inexpensively and at a smaller place. Nevertheless, I am quite looking forward to it.

poster by Elaine Chernov



  1. You know Feist hasn’t really made it all the way to NZ. Well, I did see the new cd in the cd store but I haven’t really heard anything of her (or is it a band??) other than what I see on blogs. Either that, or I am just out of touch. Yeah, that could be it. I shall have to investigate further!

  2. Hey Chelsea! I’m going to her concert tonight at the Fillmore. I’m excited. Hope you had a great time!

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