{ballet dreams}

Watching ballet and modern dance has always been a source of inspiration for me. Every season the glossy flyers make me swoon. My favorite groups in Portland are Bodyvox and The Oregon Ballet Theater. I haven’t made it to a WhiteBird performance yet, but they also look tempting.

images from left whitebird.org,  andy batt-obt.org

Aspen_2 Spring_400px 


  1. Here, Here!! They are the two companies I catch the most. I miss my season ballet tickets 🙁 I really wanted to catch the Connie Janssen (sp?) company performance with White Bird but I had conflicts.

  2. Me too! These pics are lovely. Contemporary ballets are my most favorite.

    The Dutch ballet came through London when I was there and it was so beautiful that I bought a poster. And then I left in my flat when I moved home. It was a very sad day when I realized this. 🙁

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